About The Giant Leaps Campaign


Our calling is simple:
Whatever your pursuit, take Giant Leaps.
A Boilermaker learns that commitment combined with elbow grease will be rewarded … that here we will be provided resources to step up to grand challenges. To grow and innovate. To better the world. We are Purdue University We’ve built an elite intellectual and collegial community that spans oceans and history. Our 150-year legacy, unlike any on the planet, is a springboard for renewed commitment to growth, discovery and innovation. We’ve made giant leaps across every field of endeavor — aeronautics to agriculture, engineering to education, business to athletics, technology to human sciences. Boilermakers have left footprints for 150 years. You can see them throughout Indiana, across our country and around the world. You can see them on the moon, where Neil Armstrong stepped 50 years ago. It was a giant leap for mankind, he said. It’s what we do.
Follow our footsteps … and make your own.

About The Campaign

Purdue University's Sesquicentennial celebration is a time to reintroduce Purdue's people - past, present, and future - to the world. It's a time to redefine the scope of land-grant universities and challenge global leaders to take GIANT LEAPS in solving worldwide problems.

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