Giant Leaps in Space Exploration

What if there is space for humankind beyond Earth?

Purdue College of Science faculty, students, and alumni are exploring our future in the outer reaches. Purdue Science alumnus and NASA astronaut Andrew (Drew) Feustel applies his background in geophysics to space sustainability problems. Jay Melosh, Purdue Distinguished Professor of Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences, discovered a giant lava tube on the moon that could become an astronaut city. Briony Horgan, Purdue assistant professor of planetary science, works with the NASA Mars Rover missions to search for signs of ancient life on the red planet. Dan Milisavljevic, Purdue assistant professor of physics and astronomy, studies supernovae and stellar evolution. Purdue biochemistry student Caleigh Roleck is one of 50 students to receive the national Astronaut Scholar honor. Through their work and the work of Purdue scientists around the globe, we take giant leaps to a place beyond our imaginations.

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