Left? Right? Center? Take a Step Towards Understanding Both Sides of the Aisle

Update: September 27, 2018 — Watch video from the discussion where commentators Ben Domenech and Ezra Klein chat with Purdue President Mitch Daniels.

Previous: Today’s political climate is more polarized than ever. It seems like a battle is always waging over a new topic and both sides are pointing fingers across the aisle. This finger pointing often prevents people from hearing the full story or understanding the motivations or perspectives of the other side.

In a step towards trying to bridge the gap and bring both sides together for a productive and respectful conversation, Purdue is hosting renowned political writers and commentators Ben Domenech and Ezra Klein in conversation with Purdue President Mitch Daniels.

The event is free and open to the public will take place on September 26 at 6:15 p.m. in the Stewart Center’s Fowler Hall. The Giant Leaps Series: The Current Supreme Court Nomination and Evolving Arguments in American Politics is free and open to the public.

Domenech is the founder and publisher of The Federalist, a conservative news site, and Klein is the editor-at-large and founder of Vox, a left-leaning news site. These two experts will engage in topics such as the current Supreme Court nomination, midterm elections, and the fundamental ideologies of various political viewpoints. This discussion is a unique opportunity to learn the facts and better understand where both sides fall on important issues and the implications today’s decisions have on the future.

“While there is so much political divisiveness and tribalism in American politics right now, these two gentlemen who represent both sides of the country’s political perspective will discuss their contrasting views on the current Supreme Court debate as well as the contemporary political climate,” Daniels said.

This is one of many events celebrating Purdue’s Sesquicentennial, 150 Years of Giant Leaps. The yearlong celebration highlights Purdue’s remarkable history of giant leaps, while focusing on what giant leaps Purdue can take to address the world’s problems.

About the Participants

Klein is the editor-at-large and founder of Vox, as well as the host of “The Ezra Klein Show” podcast. Before that, he was columnist and editor at The Washington Post, a policy analyst at MSNBC, and a contributor to Bloomberg. He’s written for the New Yorker and the New York Review of Books, and appeared on “Face the Nation,” “Real Time with Bill Maher,” “PBS Newshour,” “The Daily Show,” and many more.

Domenech is the publisher of The Federalist, host of The Federalist Radio Hour, and writes The Transom, a daily subscription newsletter for political insiders. He was previously a fellow at The Manhattan Institute and a senior fellow at The Heartland Institute; editor in chief of The City, an academic journal on faith and culture; and a speechwriter for former HHS Secretary Tommy Thompson and U.S. Senator John Cornyn of Texas. He co-founded Redstate and co-hosted Coffee & Markets, an award-winning economic podcast. His writing has been published in The Wall Street Journal, The Daily Beast, Politico, Commentary, Reason, and GQ, and he is a CBS News commentator.

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