PMO Alumnus Now Shell Engineer

Grant Nice refuses to let obstacles stand in his way. Whether he is setting up performance equipment before a concert or working as a process engineer for Shell Global, Nice never lets circumstances determine his attitude.

“It’s surprising to see the impact a positive, can-do attitude can have on teams,” Nice says. “It develops a mental fortitude that I believe is key to achieving professional success. Teams notice when unforeseen circumstances knock you down, but you get back up, enthusiastic as ever.”

An Indianapolis native working in Mobile, Ala., Nice credits his professional success with Shell to his years singing with the Purdue Varsity Glee Club.

“In Glee Club and PMO in general, we logged hundreds of hours of practice per semester. That’s what creates such quality ensembles: consistency and dedication,” he says.

“PMO is a testament to the power of sustained effort toward a common goal. Our goal was singing passionately, accurately and, most importantly, for each other and ourselves. I know my career is no different,” Nice says. “There is no substitute for getting in the game every day — no matter what — and swinging for the fences.”

After graduating from the Davidson School of Chemical Engineering in 2016, Nice knew he wanted to give back and support PMO as soon as he was able.

“I benefitted greatly from the scholarship support and the world-class travel and performance opportunities I gained as a part of PMO,” says Nice. “I’m so proud of what PMO is doing and love seeing the amazing opportunities it continues to grant its students. What could be more exciting than to help provide these incredible opportunities?”

PMO thanks Nice for his continued support of its students and program.

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