The Success Express: Health & Longevity

Katie Regan graduated from Purdue in 2016 with a bachelor’s degree in Dietetics and Nutrition, and Fitness and Health. Katie also received her MBA from Dominican University in Chicago in 2018. Today, Katie is a Partnerships Associate at EatLove, a company based in the San Francisco Bay Area that provides meal plans for dietitians to educate their clients on different health conditions and the nutritional needs associated with those. She is passionate about food trends, nutrition education, and developing connections between healthcare providers. Prior to working at EatLove, Katie completed her 1,200 hours of a dietetic internship through clinical, community nutrition, food service, and marketing at a PR firm called FoodMinds. During her time at Purdue, Katie was an ambassador for the College of Health and Human Sciences, a sister of Tri Delta, and the sports nutrition’s media chair. Katie wants to share her perspective on health and nutrition, and how Purdue played a big role in her career journey. Listen to her on The Success Express podcast now!

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