What IF we could end global hunger?

Food is the most fundamental need of human society. Unfortunately, over 800 million people around the world go to sleep hungry every day. Human civilization, with all of its science, technology, and knowledge, has not yet been able to conquer hunger and provide this basic right to all of humanity. Global food insecurity is considered a wicked problem with many fronts. It is tightly linked with poverty, and the unequal distribution of global wealth, resources and knowledge.

The Ending Global Hunger Colloquium will be a two-day event, bringing together front-line hunger-fighters and advocates of the global hunger agenda, as well as faculty, staff, students, and community members, to participate in a serious dialogue assessing the state of the fight against global hunger, and discuss opportunities to find lasting solutions towards ending hunger and poverty. With a mix of thought-provoking speakers, and engaging breakout sessions, the goal of this event is to gather the expertise and input of those in attendance, so that we may find a new path forward in science, economics, ethics, and policies toward finally ending hunger around the world.

Faculty, staff, and students may register for the event at no charge, but limited space is available.

To learn more about this event or to register by March 31, 2019, visit ag.purdue.edu/egh

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