With 200+ Startups and Counting, Purdue is Taking Giant Leaps in Entrepreneurship

Boilermakers are defining their own destinies and building the economy of the future with startups. Led by the creation of the Purdue Foundry, an entrepreneur accelerator program, Purdue students, faculty and staff have created over 200 new companies with nearly $350 million in funding since 2013.

“There is a strong entrepreneurial momentum happening at Purdue that is hard to define, but it is there and those working in the environment can feel the energy and vitality happening around them,” said Greg Deason, senior vice president of entrepreneurship and placemaking. “It’s not a single entity, but a movement across campus built upon Purdue’s very rich pipeline of cutting-edge technologies and the commitment that the people at Purdue have to serving its land-grant mission.”

Nearly 130 of the startups have licensed Purdue University intellectual property through the Purdue Research Foundation  Office of Technology Commercialization. Click here for a complete list of Purdue startups from years 2013-2018.

Of the 203 Purdue-affiliated startups:

  • $344 million raised in funding.
  • 190 are in active operation.
  • 162 are based in Indiana.
  • 200-plus new positions supported.

A cornerstone in Purdue’s entrepreneurial ecosystem is the Purdue Foundry, an entrepreneur accelerator established in 2013 that provides a “one-stop shop” for Purdue faculty, staff and students interested in creating a startup. The Purdue Foundry is based in the Burton D. Morgan Center for Entrepreneurship in Purdue’s Discovery Park.

The Purdue-affiliated startups cover nearly all of the university’s research expertise including engineering, agriculture, veterinary science, information technology, technology, sciences, computer science, biomedicine and pharmaceuticals.

Two great examples of Purdue entrepreneurship are LACTOR LLC and ArT Wine Preservation. 

LACTOR LLC Co-founders Azza Ahmed and Jeffrey Brewer


Azza Ahmed, an associate professor in Purdue’s School of Nursing, and Jeffrey Brewer, an associate professor of computer and information technology in the Purdue Polytechnic Institute, co-founded LACTOR LLC. The company is commercializing an app that could instantly connect breastfeeding mothers with pediatricians or lactation consultants to help collect data, monitor patients, and provide consultation and support while improving breastfeeding outcomes for new mothers.

ArT Wine Preservation

Ryan Frederickson is a Chicago-based Purdue graduate who formed ArT Wine Preservation, a startup based on his own intellectual property. The company’s technology uses an argon wine preserver spray that can keep wine fresh for weeks in opened, unfinished bottles.

“After five years, the commercialization and entrepreneurial ecosystem at Purdue is like smooth running machine, but behind the machine are hundreds of very hard working, talented and engaged professionals,’” said Brooke Beier, vice president of the Purdue Office of Technology Commercialization. “It’s a great time to be at Purdue, especially as we begin the yearlong celebration of Purdue’s 150th anniversary.”


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